Soratama | 宙玉

Aerial ball shooting technique : 宙に浮かぶ玉の中の光景を撮影できる宙玉(そらたま)。撮影のためにはどんな機材が必要になるのか? 撮影のコツや作例などを紹介。


When photographing a close-up pictures with normal lenses, using a close-up lenses are the most common and easiest way. Close-up lens is a convex lens which can be screwed onto the camera lens. You can get close to the object using this lens.
However, the distance from your camera to the object are not short compared to that of close-up ring. For this, we do not recommend using a close-up lens with Soratama 72.

Close-up lens is suitable with lenses which originally have short focal distance or with handmade tube made of light snack box.


Close-up lens is a convex lens. This enables taking a close-up pictures.